Awards & Accreditations

Awards & Accreditations





At Chelmer, we are very proud to be able to announce that we have received the following Awards and Accreditations!

Through the dedication and commitment of a very hard working support team, these Awards reinforce our commitment to providing only the highest of Standards that you, as the Client, should expect to receive.

Highly recognised Industry Standard Accreditations Awards covering all 3 areas of ISO.

ACCEPT NO LESS from others for your requirements - we fulfil every requirement you need in 1 for QUALITY ,  2 for ENVIRONMENTAL and  3 for HEALTH & SAFETY: 

    1. Chelmer Group 09743Q – ISO 9001 – exp 13.4.21
    2. Chelmer Group 09743R – ISO 14001 – exp 13.4.21
    3. Chelmer Group 13743C – ISO 18001 – exp 13.4.21

This is enhanced with SSIP Confirmed Status Chelmer Group 17743S SSIP – exp 13.4.21 CHAS Accreditation Awards: CHAS Certification – exp 13.4.19 SMAS Accreditation Awards: SMAS-exp 13.4.19-75442Contractor
ConstructionLine Accreditation Awards: ConstructionLine Accreditation Cert – exp 19-May-19-Silver Level 2

Environmental Award recognition from RECOFLOOR for our Vinyl recycling efforts:

Recofloor Cert. of Commitment

Yr 15 Bronze Award

- Yr 14 Bronze Award

- Yr 13 Gold Award

- Yr 12 Gold Award

- Yr 11 Bronze Award

- Yr 10 Bronze Award

- Recofloor Construction Project of the Yr 13 – M&S Edinburgh Gy

CRUK (CARPET RECYCLING UK) in recognition of our continued dedication and commitment to diverting Carpet from Landfill:


At Chelmer, we set the Standards that you, as the Client, should only expect to receive!

If you would like to discuss any of these aspects any further, please feel free to give us a call on t: 01621 850 800.

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