Chelmer’s total commitment to improving the Environment means that we lead the industry in terms of our Environmental Management Systems.

So much so that we are accredited to ISO 14001: Chelmer Group 09743R – ISO 14001 – exp 13.4.21

We actively promote manufacturers who develop more sustainable manufacturing methods, and produce products made using more recyclable or actually recycled materials.

Making a difference by…

      1. Liaising with key industrial bodies to ensure that we are up to date with the legislative trends throughout Europe and the World
      2. Purchasing materials and adhesives from World Class suppliers with committed environmental conscience and ideals whenever possible or feasible.
      3. Actively seeking to use only environmentally friendly biodegradable and non toxic products – no products containing CFC’s will be used.
      4. Re-using or recycling materials, identifying markets for their re-use, or returning them to the manufacturers for recycling.
      5. Working actively to recycle rubber flooring products.
      6. Working on initiatives to recycle carpet tiles into road surfaces.
      7. Using packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable where possible.
      8. Seeking to develop non-paper based methods of communication and recycling all waste paper used in the administration offices of Chelmer Group Ltd.
      9. Ongoing training of our employees to have awareness and commitment to our environmental policy.

Please download a copy of our Environmental Policy Statement here: Environmental Policy Statement-Rev. I-1.2.18 (also inc. in H&S Policy)

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